Beyond the Opioid Epidemic: Scientist Seeks to Develop non-Addictive Treatment for Pain

  • Innovative Research
The opioid epidemic emerged in the 1990s with a surge in prescriptions for medications like oxycodone and hydrocodone. In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared the epidemic a public health crisis.

Rutgers Psychologists Help Patients Overcome Exercise Anxiety and Recover Their Heart Health

Valerie Haynie knew after suffering a blocked artery that she had to change. “I was retired, and I sat at home,” the Central Jersey woman said. “I watched TV and used my computer. I wasn’t doing any exercise.” Change is never easy, and for people with heart problems especially, vigorous exercise can...

The 2022 Grossman Prize will Fund Research into Early Detection of Lymphoma

Ping Xie received the 2022 Grossman Innovation Prize to further her research into detecting B cell malignancies.

Rutgers Researchers Aim to 'Edit' Proteins in Humans and Attain Insight into Illness

  • Innovative Research
Rutgers researchers are seeking to develop the technology to modify or “edit” protein molecules in the body.

Rutgers English Professor Developing Digital Bibliography of Black Authors and Print Work

Meredith McGill is co-director in the development of an innovative digital database dedicated to the study of Black-authored and Black-published books, magazines, and newspapers. The project, which recently received a Mellon grant, seeks to remedy the dearth of accurate, organized data about Black...

Bildner Center Marks 25 Years as Intellectual Hub at Rutgers

The Bildner Center, a cornerstone of Jewish intellectual and cultural life at Rutgers University, marks 25th anniversary year.

Science on the Seas Brings Lessons to K-12 Classrooms

When the research vessel Atlantis steamed out of Woods Hole, Mass. in June, scientists from Rutgers University and the University of Washington were on board for a 14-day deep-sea coring expedition aimed at resolving key climate science questions. Lauren Neizke Adamo, director of the Rutgers...

Rutgers Students Explore Worker Justice in New Brunswick

From the Irish immigrants who dug the Delaware and Raritan Canal to the Latinx temporary workers of today, New Brunswick has long drawn immigrant populations ready to work but lacking in political power. Their workplace struggles are part of an online and traveling exhibit to which Rutgers...

The 2021 Grossman Prize Will Support Research into Neurological Disorders

KiBum Lee, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, has received the 2021 Grossman Innovation Prize from the School of Arts and Sciences. The prize, made possible through a gift from Rutgers alumnus Alan Grossman, provides up to $50,000 over a one-year period to faculty...

Rutgers Scientists Exploring how Fish Became Land Creatures Find Clues at Iconic Manhattan Museum

The American Museum of Natural History was teeming with busloads of students, tourist groups, and parents with toddlers in tow. Tetsuya Nakamura, a Rutgers University professor of genetics, fit right into the mix. But rather than gaze at the T-Rex skeleton or marvel at the iconic blue whale model,...

Arts and Sciences Scholars Win Research Grants to Study COVID-19

The work of School of Arts and Sciences faculty members to study the coronavirus and understand its impact has garnered internal research awards from Rutgers University. The awards for biomedical and social science research were announced earlier this month by the Rutgers University Center for...

A Young Girl’s Mission to Prevent Addiction Shines a Light on a Rutgers Lab

To learn how you can support the Gamburg Innovation Award that benefits Rutgers students and early career scientists who are researching addiction, please visit this page.   With her 10th birthday approaching, Anika Gamburg made an unusual request to her friends and family. She asked them to skip...

2020 Grossman Prize Will Support Environmentally Beneficial Technology

Charles Dismukes, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and research director at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology, has received the inaugural Grossman Innovation Prize from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). The prize, made possible through a gift from Rutgers...

Arts and Sciences Brings Rutgers Innovation and Intellectual Capital to Downtown New Brunswick

The Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences now has a powerful presence in downtown New Brunswick.