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International Students

Welcome International Students

Our Areas of Study: Majors and Minors

With more than 750 full-time faculty and more than 70 majors and minors, the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is the largest unit at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, combining excellence in teaching with highly-ranked world-class research, all in an atmosphere of rich cultural diversity. The study of the arts and sciences is the foundation of undergraduate education and academic excellence at Rutgers.

  • The mathematical and physical sciences include majors in Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics.
  • The humanities include 16 departments offering dozens of majors ranging from Art History, Comparative Literature, English Literature, History, and Linguistics to Philosophy and including over 25 world languages.
  • The life sciences include a general biology major and several more specialized majors, such as Genetics.

School of Arts and Sciences also offers a range of interdisciplinary majors and minors such as American Studies, Asian Studies, Cognitive Science, and Women’s and Gender Studies. And, the School of Arts and Sciences is home to students wishing to major in Communications, Human Resources, Information Technology, Labor Studies, Planning, Public Health, and more. 

The possibilities are endless. Please go to the following website for our complete listing of all majors and minors offered at School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers–New Brunswick.


Our Core Curriculum 

Education in the School of Arts and Sciences is about more than just your major. You will take our Core Curriculum which builds foundations for success in your majors and minor. Just as important, it prepares our graduates for successful lives and careers built on a critical understanding of the natural environment, human behavior, and the individual’s role in global societies. By requiring courses from many disciplines, the Core Curriculum equips our graduates with the intellectual resources, creativity, and flexibility required for excellence in meeting the rapidly transforming challenges of the 21st century.

Please go to the following website for more information about the Core Curriculum. 


Our Location 

The School of Arts and Sciences on the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Campus is just 45 minutes from Newark International Airport and less than two hours from Kennedy International Airport in New York. The campus straddles the Raritan River and offers convenient train access to New York City (38 mi., 61 km) and Philadelphia (65 mi., 105 km) and the beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore. This location provides our international students with rich career opportunities and conveniences of life and networking.

Our home community of New Brunswick is a vibrant area with theaters, an innovative cultural arts center, and many restaurants featuring a wide variety of cultures such as Latin, Korean, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern. Just 15 minutes farther north, the Edison area is home to a robust Asian community with Indian and East Asian groceries and shops.

New Jersey is a place of remarkable global diversity. Over a third of the population speaks a language other than English in their homes and our Rutgers students have some fluency in over 35 world languages. Religious diversity is prominent on campus and there is easy access to a broad range of faith communities.

And, in a 2018 study, Rutgers University–New Brunswick ranked #3 in the United States for college campus safety.

Find the report here: college-campus-by-state/


Our International Students

Group of sutdentsThe School of Arts and Sciences enrolls students from all over the United States and from over 120 countries. And, our faculty come from around the world.

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services provides immigration related advising and processing and cross- cultural programs for international students and scholars, as well as their spouses and dependents.

The Office of International Academic Support partners with SAS academic advisors and our Learning Centers to provide a first semester transition course for all international students. It also has programs that provide ongoing academic support and referrals for international students.

The SAS Writing Program provides special writing and speaking courses as well as tutoring services to students with a language background other than English to support academic success.

Rutgers University Career Exploration and Success provides individual advising for international students and career development and employment services for international students. search-strategies/international-student-resources

SAS Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences helps students develop their sense of purpose and bring together their academic interests with career possibilities. A course, workshops, and meetings with successful alumni prepare students to find rewarding employment after graduation.

Our International Living and Learning Community provides international students with the option to live in a traditional residence hall on College Avenue Campus, Frelinghuysen Hall, for their first year of undergraduate study. Students enjoy participating together in events like Halloween Pumpkin Carving; International Art Shows; International Student Panels during International Education Week; a Thanksgiving Holiday meal during the short November break; Lunar New Year Celebrations; and Holi Celebration.

The Global Roommate Program supports new undergraduate international students in their transition to Rutgers and the U.S. by pairing them with a current Rutgers student mentor in four-person on-campus apartments.

Some housing is open year round for international students who wish to remain on campus during semester breaks.


Our International Alumni Stories 

The School of Arts and Sciences has over 200,000 alumni living and traveling around the globe. You are never far from the Rutgers network.


Win Lin SAS’18

Double Major in Physics and Mathematics


Win Lin silo Rutgers is a great place that provides many valuable educational experiences and opportunities. While the physics classes helped me gain knowledge in my field, my research group helped me learn how a science lab works and explore an area in physics. Working with other students with the same passion helped me learn and gain skills. Working with my research group encouraged me to stay in the field of nuclear physics. I am now a graduate student in the Rutgers Physics and Astronomy Department studying for a Ph.D.

As an undergrad, I joined many activities. I really enjoyed volunteering with Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services. Every year we spent the summer preparing for the fall international student orientation to help students adjust to life at Rutgers and in the U.S. I met many international students working hard to be successful who were passionate about helping fellow international students to succeed. Rutgers Global creates a good, comfortable environment for international students.

I was also involved in the Douglass Residential College for women and the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering and was a STEM Ambassador. I cofounded the Women in Mathematical Sciences Club at Rutgers to support women in math-related majors and provide a friendly, encouraging environment for women in STEM.

Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences is a great place for undergraduate students. There are so many opportunities and there are many groups and departments to help you. Go look for those opportunities and take advantage of all the resources on campus. You will learn a lot and have a diverse and rich undergraduate experience here at Rutgers!






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