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Giving to the Rutgers Oral History Archives

Giving to the Rutgers Oral History Archives

The RUTGERS ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVES preserves individual histories and makes them available to students and scholars worldwide.

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The Rutgers Oral History Archives records detailed and powerful living histories with veterans and others who lived through the great events of the 20th and 21st centuries. In collecting the oral histories, the ROHA staff brings current students, trained in interviewing techniques, together with Rutgers alumni. From creating individual bonds across generations to maintaining the oral history web archive ranked #15 in the world by Oral History Online, funding ROHA keeps the past alive.



Your contribution will benefit the Rutgers Oral History Archives in the following ways:

  • Documenting the Past
    Oral history, by weaving personal experiences into the fabric of time, has turned history's rough cloth into a richly-textured tapestry. ROHA's mission is to capture the personal essence of history before it disappears from the scene.
  • Enabling ROHA's Vision of the Future
    ROHA's ultimate goal is a future in which it will have fully endowed support for its core operations and a greater ability to extend new opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Enriching Undergraduate Education
    ROHA supports undergraduate education by training student interns in oral history techniques, helping students engage in research and bringing new resources into the classroom.
  • Supporting Undergraduate Research
    Your gift to the Rutgers Oral History Archives can fund scholarship programs that permit students to help interview individuals who have made history.
  • Acquiring State-of-the-Art Technology
    ROHA must keep abreast of new equipment and techniques for acquiring oral histories, processing the archival materials and broadcasting them to the world. Hundreds of complete interview transcripts are now posted on ROHA's website
  • Extending ROHA's Reach
    Travel funds allow interviewers to travel around New Jersey to conduct interviews and to plan trips across the U.S. to interview Rutgers alumni in their homes.

You can support this program by making a secure online donation.

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