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Students and Learning

Few universities can match Rutgers’ accessibility to talented students at every income level. Funding for scholarships and fellowships as well as teaching initiatives and international programs is more important than ever before in attracting the best students.


Graduate students are the lifeblood of all great research universities.  Our graduate students teach and mentor undergraduates, conduct research in labs, and represent the faculty of the future.  The very best graduate students, and thus the most promising teachers and mentors, often attend the institution that provides the greatest financial support for their studies.

Gifts up to $10,000 support a robust Fellowship Fund to assist graduate students across SAS. A gift of $10,000 will provide one annual graduate fellowship in a field of the donor's choosing. A gift of $750,000 will endow a graduate fellowship in perpetuity in the department of the donor's choosing.



Support for undergraduate students remains a top institutional priority, since over 80% of all Rutgers students qualify for financial aid.  More than one third of Rutgers students are the first in their families to attend college.   A larger percentage of Rutgers students receive Pell grants than at any other public research university.
Gifts up to $5,000 support a robust Scholarship Fund to assist undergraduate students across SAS;  a gift of $5,000 to this fund will support a full one annual undergraduate scholarship.  A gift of $50,000 will endow one unrestricted undergraduate scholarship in perpetuity.  A gift of $100,000 will endow one undergraduate scholarship designated for the department of the donor's choosing.


Signature Courses

Launched in fall 2009 and led by award-winning Rutgers faculty, Signature Courses provide incoming students with a common experience and a strong foundation for a quality liberal arts education.  With their grand scope and broad multidisciplinary perspective, these courses--on topics ranging from Extinction, War, and Global East Asia, to Energy and Climate Change, and Eating Right: The Ethics of Food Choices and Food Policy--are designed to introduce students to the enduring questions addressed by the modern research university and the challenges of the 21st century.

A gift of $200,000 will support the development and implementation of each new Signature Course. A gift of $10 million will endow the Signature Course program, with a goal of offering 18 courses annually.


Study Abroad / International Service Learning

Study Abroad enables students to expand their worldview, exposing them to new ideas and opening new doors of opportunity. Rutgers students may choose from a wide array of academic programs affiliated with universities around the globe, and Rutgers-based programs that include active participation in organized service experiences that meet community needs in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Mexico, and Romania.

Gifts up to $100,000 support a robust International Programs Scholarship Fund to assist SAS students interested in semester- and year-long study abroad/international service learning programs. A gift of $100,000 will endow one undergraduate scholarship designated for study abroad/international service learning. A gift of $1.5 million will endow one of Rutgers' international service learning programs.



Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016, the Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) is a highly successful undergraduate academic support unit in Arts and Sciences serving students with an interest in the STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and math).  ODASIS increases the recruitment and educational success of academically and economically disadvantaged students interested in careers ranging from medicine, nursing and dentistry to public health and biomedical research.

Gifts up to $25,000 support a robust ODASIS Excellence Fund, providing funding for books and supplies for ODASIS students, MCAT and DCAT instruction, and core science supplemental instruction for ODASIS students.  Gifts of $25,000 and above provide faculty salary support, scholarship support, administrative staff support, supplemental program support.  A gift of $5 million will endow the ODASIS program in perpetuity.



The Gateway Program is designed to increase academic success for all incoming SAS students who require assistance with verbal skills, math, and/or science and ease their transition from high school to college.  Gateway students are typically high achievers at their local high schools but are ill-prepared to succeed in college due to limited or no access to quality college-preparation opportunities.  Gateway offers specially-designed introductory courses in biology and physics and special sections of introductory courses in chemistry and various humanities and social science disciplines such as history, psychology, sociology, and political science.

Gifts up to $25,000 will support a robust Gateway Excellence Fund, providing provide peer mentor stipends and student stipends for expenses such as books, fees, and computers not typically covered by financial aid.  Gifts from $25,000 provide faculty salary support and facilitate the addition of Gateway course sections to meet increasing demand.  A gift of $5 million will endow the Gateway program in perpetuity.


To learn more about these and other exciting giving opportunities, please contact the School of Arts and Sciences Development Office at