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Color-Lines and Borderlands

Color Lines

Color-Lines and Borderlands
01:595:202 (4 credits)
Core: CC, AHo
Professor Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Latino and Caribbean Studies, Comparative Literature

Today it is easier than perhaps at any other point in human history for peoples to know about each other and connect with each other. Yet we live in a time of violent divides and confrontations. What is at the root of these divides? And what resources are there to overcome the destructive effect that some of them have?

This class will examine the power of “color-lines” in producing divisions among peoples and individuals as well as explore the possibilities to cross borders of separation and create new forms of human connection in the 21st century. We will explore “colorlines” and “borderlands” through the work of a wide range of
intellectuals, artists, and social activists and explore theories of blackness, Chicana feminism, Native American hip-hop, Afro-Asian connections, and artistic work related to the Black Lives Matters movement, among others.

This course is particularly recommended for students who intend to pursue majors or minors in Africana studies, American studies, anthropology, comparative literature, English, Latino and Caribbean studies, political science, and sociology among other fields in the humanities and social sciences. This course carries credit toward the major and minor in Latino and Caribbean studies, and it is appropriate for students across the humanities and sciences, including life and physical sciences, seeking to fulfill Core requirements. Color-Lines and Borderlands can be used to meet the Core Curriculum goals in Contemporary Challenges [CC] and Arts and Humanities [AHo].


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