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Global East Asia

SC Global East Asia

Global East Asia
01:098:250 (4 credits)
Core: CC; HST or SCL
Professor Paul Schalow and Professor Suzy Kim, Asian Languages and Cultures


It touches your life every day, yet how much do you really know about East Asia—home to three of today’s most powerful nations and over a fifth of the world’s population?

China, Korea, and Japan are major economic, political, and cultural players in an increasingly global 21st century. At the same time, the push for globalization within East Asia is being met with an equally powerful resurgence of nationalism and regionalism. How do media empires, international sporting events, and regional flows of Japanese and Korean pop culture shape relations among East Asia’s people? How are the rise of China and the U.S. strategy to focus more diplomatic and military attention to Asia creating political divisions in the region even as it integrates economically? Can complex questions of Taiwan’s and Hong Kong’s autonomy, Korean reunification, and conflicting territorial claims be resolved peacefully, or could a geopolitical crisis lead the region into war in the 21st century?

This course is particularly recommended for students who intend to pursue majors or minors in anthropology, area studies, Asian languages, business, economics, geography, history, journalism and media studies, political science, public policy, religion, sociology, and women’s and gender studies. It carries credit toward the major and minor in Asian languages and cultures. Global East Asia can be used to meet Core Curriculum Goals in Contemporary Challenges [CC] and either Historical Analysis [HST] or Social Analysis [SCL].


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