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SAS EOF 2020 Scholar

Jhoselyn Marin
Major: Public Health
Minor: Women and Gender Studies
Hometown: Elizabeth, NJ
Favorite Rutgers Moment: EOF Summer Program 2016
Dream/Goal: Retire my parents and become financially free
What does it mean to be a Scholar?: Being an EOF Scholar means so many things to me. It means always knowing I will have: a support system, someone to trust, someone to talk to, and a family. I love being an EOF Scholar.


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2020 red blackThe Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program was created, through New Jersey Legislation, in 1968 to provide academic support and financial access to New Jersey residents to attend college. EOF students qualify for the Program on the basis of academic and financial need. The SAS EOF Program is the largest in New Jersey, serving over 1300 EOF Scholars in the School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers Business School, Mason Gross School of the Arts, the School of Management and Labor Relations, and the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. It is the mission of the Rutgers SAS EOF Program to create an environment, which encourages academic excellence, and introduces students (through educational events, programs, and workshops) to all of the resources and enrichment opportunities that are available to them as EOF Scholars at Rutgers University.