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SAS Course Innovation and Design Program

The SAS Course Innovation and Design Program provides instructional design and funding support for the development of innovative new course offerings within the School of Arts & Sciences. Innovation in course development can take many forms:

  • Reaching underserved and non-traditional student populations
  • Utilizing online and hybrid modalities in novel ways
  • Deploying best-practice pedagogical approaches such as active learning strategies and flipped classroom models
  • Integrating technology into the curriculum to improve student outcomes
  • Implementing innovative and authentic assessments
  • Evaluating and redesigning longstanding online courses
  • Leveraging data to create adaptive learning environments

Proposals to the SAS Course Innovation and Design Program will be assessed on their breadth of impact on students in the School of Arts & Sciences and ability to address the criteria above. To learn more about instructional design support, please review the Course Development Process from the Office of Undergraduate Education’s Teaching & Learning Team. Proposals for fully online programs (non-credit, certificates, Master’s, etc.) should be submitted to the Entrepreneurial Award Program for consideration.

Please note that recipients of funding support will be expected to work with an instructional designer in the creation of their course. In addition, the SAS Curriculum Committee Review Process requires that all undergraduate online and hybrid courses – whether new courses or adaptations of existing courses – be submitted to the Curriculum Committee for approval. 


Financial Considerations

Funds from the SAS Course Innovation and Design Program are not to be used for the expenses incurred in teaching a course. If teaching online courses represents an increased instructional load for the department, then application should be made to the Office of Undergraduate Education for additional resources.


How to Apply

Faculty/departments should submit an application, which can be found at the link below. There is no application deadline; applications are considered as they are submitted. All applications must be approved by department chairs prior to submission.

SAS Course Innovation and Design Program –  Application Form



Please direct questions or inquiries regarding the SAS Course Innovation and Design Program to:

Chris Scherer
Director/New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning
1 Spring Street, Suite 313
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Rutgers School of Arts & Sciences