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Meeting Rutgers Visual Identity Standards

Meeting these Arts and Sciences standards will bring print materials into compliance with the Rutgers Visual Identity Standards. The Rutgers Visual Identity Manual is available as a reference for your publications planning.  The portion referring to the Minimum Print Standards is excerpted below.


From the Rutgers Visual Identity Manual:

Print & Merchandise Usage 7.1: Minimum Print Standards
  • Logotype Placement
    The preferred placement is in the upper left corner on the front cover/panel. However, placement anywhere on the front cover/panel that is appropriate to the design is acceptable.
  • Logotype Size and Clear Space
    The minimum size of the Rutgers logotype is 1 inch wide. The minimum size of the logotype, with signature, is 1.25 inches wide. There should be a minimum clear space around the logotype equal to the cap “R” height. 
  • Logotype Color
    The Rutgers logotype may only appear in red, white, or black. The preferred color for a signature is gray. See the print color specifications on page 3.1 and color treatment examples throughout chapter 3.
  • Full University Name
    At a minimum, the university’s full name—Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey or Rutgers University–New Brunswick—should appear in the address block on the back of the printed piece. 


The School of Arts and Sciences Minimum Print Standards are in compliance with the Rutgers Visual Identity System.


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