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Websites Communicate

 Your website is the most important communication tool for your unit.

websitestandardsWebsites are the virtual front door to your department, program or center—conveying who you are and what you do while also representing the school and university.

It provides crucial information about faculty, courses, and degree requirements to students.

It shares exciting and important news about faculty research and achievements.

It markets the program, school, and university to prospective students and faculty.

It markets news about events—speakers, seminars, workshops, celebrations—to the community.

While meeting all these specific goals, the website also presents an overall picture of your unit to promote its reputation.

By promoting the programs, people, and news from your unit, you are also advancing the school and university.

The nearly 200 websites that make up the virtual School of Arts and Sciences create the reputation of the school and manage the brand of the university. 

To create a coherent and cohesive presentation of the school and university, all units in the School of Arts and Sciences use the same website template.

All units in the School of Arts and Sciences are provided a website by the School's Office of Information Technology.

The websites provides a coherent standardization of look, navigation, and technological functions with flexibility to meet the needs of the unit, school, and the unit’s various constituents and ensure that our school websites meet all federal, university, and school policies and regulations such as those set by the Americans With Disability Act and all others that set usability requirements and security standards.  

All information that constitutes the official business of the unit belongs on the official unit website:

All information necessary for students for the completion of their degree including courses and requirements to complete majors and minors

The full array of events, speakers, seminars, workshops, and conferences 

All information should be current and accurate including staff and faculty information and contact information

Clear contact us information should be found on the homepage. 



Migration of all Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Websites will take place from January 2016 - December 2019.

SAS IT has created a website template in the Joomla! Content Management System to meet the needs of centers, programs, and departments.  The migration of most units in Arts and Sciences to websites created by SAS IT is now almost complete.  SAS IT will work with units to schedule the migration at a convenient time and will provide training.  The Office of Communications will work with the unit on content including photos and images. 

SAS IT provides Joomla! training 

We periodically offer workshops to train current Rutgers faculty, staff and students how to use the Joomla! Content Management System for web sites using the SAS Templates. A valid Rutgers NetID is required to attend these workshops.

Review the schedule of upcoming workshops. 

Join the SAS-CMS-ADMINS mailing list to be notified of future Joomla! training workshops.