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Branding and Logos

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Rutgers Visual Identity System User Guide and colors sheet 


The Brand, Branding, and Visual Identity

Any message is communicated most effectively when supplemented with images, shape language, and colors that resonate with it. When this is done in a consistent manner that reflects the mission statement and core values of a particular group or entity it is called branding. The mission statement and the core values themselves are the brand, and the actual means through which you represent the brand visually is the visual identity system.

Branding all of your materials consistently constantly reinforces your mission statement on a subconscious level and forms a relationship with the consumer as they become more familiar with your content by being able to recognize it each time they see it. It is our job to serve the mission of our projects and, on a larger scale, the School of Arts and Sciences by maintaining the brand that reflects our goals and core values.

In short, the brand is the intangible (concepts, values, beliefs, etc. of a certain group), and the visual identity is the more tangible means (imagery, shape language, and colors) through which the brand is communicated. Doing so is branding. Branding helps to ensure that each and every piece of communications that goes out to the public is functioning effectively in the intended manner while maintaining a visual connection back to the larger mission of the School of Arts and Sciences and Rutgers University.