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Video Policies, Practice, and Assistance

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In this era of remote learning and reliance on electronic communication with our students, faculty, and staff, there is a greater reliance on video.

The Rutgers video policy and SAS practices, detailed below, requires the Rutgers logo with SAS signature be included in all videos. This slide is attached that can be added to the end of your videos.

This policy and practice ensure that public videos represent your unit and the school and university in a unified way and reflect well on our reputation.

The Office of Communications can help with video video production We also have a Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Youtube channel where we recommend you post your videos. We can also assist with creating Youtube channels for your unit if you anticipate having a large volume of video.

Please be in touch about projects you are working on or would like to produce, so we can assist with development and review for brand management.  

Rutgers Visual Identity Policy and SAS Practice for Videos

The video standards apply to all forms of video including but not limited to television commercials, Jumbotrons, low-definition website videos, and high-definition documentaries.

The Rutgers logotype, with the SAS signature, must appear prominently at or near the opening or closing of a Rutgers video.

It is also a good idea to have a title slide that includes the name of the program and/or department.

Below are a few examples of properly branded video introduction slides:

Video slide examples

The Rutgers University New Brunswick unit name must also appear somewhere during the video. The easiest way to meet this standard is to fade the following slide in and out at the very end of your video:

Rutgers University-New Brunswick, School of Arts and Sciences branded video slide

Save the image above for use in your videos.

Rutgers webpage for reference:

For technical questions and assistance with adding the slide or posting videos to the SAS Youtube channel, please contact Ian DeFalco,, in the Office of Communications.