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We Want to Tell Your Story

Good storytelling is essential to communicating your work to the public.

The Office of Communications helps the School of Arts and Sciences and each of its departments, programs, and centers tell their stories in a clear, compelling way to reach diverse audiences.

Storytelling might mean a news article, feature story, social media post, video, press release, speech, welcoming remarks, brochure, booklet, podcast, or poster. We work with you to determine the best, most effective platform for telling your story and to help you handle news events as they arise.

One story can reach multiple audiences by being published in our print newsletter Access; posted on our website; shared by Rutgers Today and on multiple Rutgers social media channels; shared on our School social media, and shared by you in your newsletter, on your website, and in your social media pages.

Your story IS our story and it's the story we are looking to tell.


Contact us today and learn how we could help you develop your story and build your audience!



Our work shown below shows the wide array of stories and the many angles that let us find a way to tell your story to different audiences. 


A Young Girl’s Mission to Prevent Addiction Shines a Light on a Rutgers Lab

thumbnail IMG 0653 sqThis is a research story that speaks to the broadest possible audience and shows how a lab at Rutgers is addressing a serious public health program. It also shows the unique opportunities that the School of Arts and Science offers graduate students.



Studying Russian Prepared Rutgers Student for the World

Peter CarkhuffThe School of Arts and Sciences has many majors. For students, choosing any one of them always risks eliciting a response of “what are you doing to do with that?” from friends and family. This story provides a very thorough answer to that question by profiling a Russian studies major. The story highlights the Russian studies program and shows the passionate, well-rounded students who opt for the major.


 Graduates Draw Map to Common Destination: The Job Market

GeographyAlums groupThis alumni story was based on an event in which recent graduates in the Department of Geography returned to campus to discuss the job market with undergraduates. Similar "career night" or "meet the alumni" events are held throughout the academic year by departments across SAS. Yet this routine event—when captured in a story, or video—can become a powerful way to demonstrate your unit's unique strengths and to address the oft-raised questions and concerns from undergrads and parents.