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Social Media: Building a Community and a Network

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Social media is an easy and effective way for your department, program, and center to build community, communicate accomplishments, and reach larger audiences.

Sharing event photos and news can help build the spirit of community in your unit. 

Sharing achievements by students and faculty can build pride and spread your reputation.

Audiences outside your department include other units across the school and university and faculty as well as peer institutions and prospective students, alumni, and the general public. 

Sharing fun photos and news with your followers is only part of what makes a social network work--the other half is following, liking, and commenting on other accounts.  Following those accounts will help build your audience and give you ideas for managing your own accounts.

We want you to do the same! We strongly encourage all units who have not done so to consider building a social media program. We can help you set up the account, find and develop the right content, and manage the page.

Create your account

The first and foremost web presence for your unit is your official website. Keeping it up-to-date with images and news is necessary to manage your virtual reputation and provides a great way to launch your social media presence.

First, build your social media accounts from the content and images of your website. 

You have an image ready to be your social media icon: the welcome square on your homepage.

Just as this image creates continuity for your website across devices, it can be an image of continuity across platforms.

This icon will become an enduring symbol of your unique brand and image.

For Facebook and Twitter, you can share a url from your website directly in your posts. If you have an image on the webpage, it should load with the item. When this thumbnail image and text is showing, you can delete the url. remember to add some original text to the post.  It can be as short as: Check it out! or can include a quote from the article or a longer description.  Play around and have fun!

Second: build a network

Follow other accounts: follow @RutgersSAS and other Rutgers units including Rutgers–New Brunswick and student groups; "like" all the departments, programs, and centers in your division; follow fellow departments at peer institutions; follow the professional associations for your field. 


Check your newsfeed and those you are following and like, comment on, and share appropriate posts.

Let us know about your account

We want to know about your accounts so we can follow, like, and share what you are doing!

Send information about your account and who is managing it to

We can also be administrators of your social media and provide backup management when necessary.

The SAS Office of Communications runs the School's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that are updated daily with content from across the School of Arts and Sciences. These items vary from simple “selfies” at a campus event to a short video from a symposium to links to media coverage of SAS faculty.

Follow @RutgersSAS on Social Media!

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