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77 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 848-932-7896 | Fax: 732-932-5150

Peter March
Executive Dean
Gabrielle Wilders
Senior Executive Associate
P 848-932-6446
James Masschaele
Executive Vice Dean
P 848-932-7923
Jean Baum
Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Education
P 848-932-5463
Rebecca Walkowitz
Dean of Humanities
P 848-932-6402
Lori Covey
Dean of Life Sciences
P 848-445-4777
Thu Nguyen
Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
P 848-932-6416
David Vicario
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences
P 848-932-6414
Aileen Carroll
Division Coordinator
P 848-932-2699
Courtney Clarke
Division Coordinator
Social Behavioral Sciences
P 848-932-1931
Lauryn Siu
Division Coordinator
Life Science and Mathematical and Physical Sciences
P 848-932-0471