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New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning

The mission of the Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning is to support the development of initiatives that build upon SAS’s existing educational expertise, serve the larger community, and generate novel income streams.

The Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning works with SAS faculty, departments, and degree-granting programs, as well as partners within the University and in industry, to develop new programs in five areas:

  • Online Courses and Programs
  • Master's Degree Programs
  • Summer/Winter Session Courses
  • Off-Campus Courses and Programs
  • Non-Credit Programs
  • Educational and Research-Based Products (e.g. software, media)


What We Do

The Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning supports faculty, departments, and degree-programs through several initiatives:

  • Entrepreneurial Award Program: Grants and support provided to faculty/departments developing new initiatives
  • Grossman Innovation Prize: Proof-of-concept fund that provides early-stage support to faculty innovation
  • Project Management and Program Development: Assistance with institutional logistics and support for the creation and growth of new initiatives, including:
    • Facilitating University and state approval processes for master's and certificate programs
    • Integrating into existing University systems
    • Assembling product development teams from inside and outside of the University
    • Assisting with market research
    • Establishing connections with industry
    • Providing access to instructional design, technical, and disability access resources for online courses/programs


Please direct questions or inquiries regarding the SAS Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning to:

Chris Scherer
Director/New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning
1 Spring Street, Suite 313
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Rutgers School of Arts & Sciences