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Using the Arts and Sciences Calendar of Events

With easy one-spot entry through the Rutgers Calendar of Events, units can post events on both the Rutgers and School of Arts and Sciences Calendar.

The Rutgers Calendar of Events is a central calendar that enables users to learn more about all of the special events and programming taking place around Rutgers.

We encourage departments within SAS to use the Rutgers Calendar of Events, as entries are often pulled and featured in other areas, such as:

  • Rutgers Today
  • Faculty & Staff Bulletin
  • RU-info Updates
  • Community Affairs e-newsletter
  • myRutgers portal

To learn more about entering your events in the Rutgers Calendar below, visit the Rutgers Calendar of Events FAQs.

Establishing a Rutgers Calendar of Events Account

Many departments in Arts and Sciences already have an account for the Rutgers Calendar of Events. We encourage all departments to have only one account number. Multiple people can use the same account number.

There are two levels of approved calendar administrator: Leader and Admin.

  • Leader access allows users to add events, delete, edit and cancel events that anyone in their organization submitted and approve others for access.
  • Admin access allows users to add events, delete, edit, and cancel events that they themselves submitted.

Before creating an account:

  1. Review the spreadsheet SAS Accounts List (35 KB) to see if your department already has an account with a designated Leader. If there is someone already listed for your department that is no longer associated or should not be the main person, please let us know.
  2. Check with the Chair and/or administrative assistant in your unit to see who should create the account and be designated the “Leader” for the department.

When ready to create or gain access to an account, go to the Rutgers Calendar of Events and log in.

For additional information on how to create an account, download pdf instructions (562 KB) .  Review the names of departments in the dropdown menu. If your department is not listed, please add it to the list to create your account.

When you have created an account, please email the account number to

View the Rutgers Calendar of Events

View the School of Arts and Sciences Calendar of Events

Units in Arts and Sciences can also publish events to their website using the Rutgers Calendar of Events.  After reviewing the information in the FAQ, put in a workorder to request a customized calendar for your website.


For more information, contact:

Dana Ricci, Director, Alumni Relations and Engagement, (848) 932-6408

Kristina Poggi, Program Coordinator, (848) 932-4108

Christine Waithe, Program Coordinator