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Planning an Event

The Office of Events is here to help academic departments, programs, and centers in Arts and Sciences with their own event planning.

If you are expecting a high-profile speaker, planning a dinner to thank alumni, or celebrating student and faculty achievements, the Office of Events is here to help you through the process.


pdf Event Planning Timeline (52 KB)

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning an event and don’t know where to start, use this timeline as a reference tool. This timeline covers everything you might need to think of when creating your event from the ground up by breaking down your to-do list by months out from your event. There are also links to department websites to help you along the way.


pdf Event Planning Worksheet (62 KB)

As you plan your event, it is a good idea to keep all information/confirmations in one place. This worksheet has places to fill in names, addresses, confirmations, and dates for various pieces of the event planning process. It is recommended that you keep one of these worksheets for every event you are planning.


Virtual Events

The Office of Events can assist School of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff with their virtual event planning. If you are part of the School of Arts and Sciences and need a walk through or help in the platforms below please contact us. All other schools should contact their IT departments for assistance.


pdf Webex Events (751 KB)

This set up guide will assist you in scheduling a Webex Event. Webex Events is an alternative to Zoom Webinar in that it allows the host more control of each event and is fully accessible to Rutgers. This guide includes steps for scheduling, hosting, and recording events using Webex Events.


pdf Zoom Webinar (638 KB)

If you plan to host a virtual event using Zoom Webinar and need assistance setting your event up, please use this set up guide as a reference. This guide includes steps for scheduling, hosting, and recording using Zoom Webinar for your events. Please note that this guide is for Zoom Webinar which allows the host to mute and turn the cameras off for attendees among other features. More information will be added regarding using Zoom Webinar through the Rutgers Zoom account. For more information on setting up your Rutgers Zoom account visit the SAS IT webpage.


Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is now available to Rutgers. Event planners can utilize Zoom Meetings for events that may require attendees to have control of their own cameras and mute (per approval from host), among other features. Please visit this webpage if you think this type of virtual event will fit your event needs. For more information on setting up your Rutgers Zoom account visit the SAS IT webpage.


Exhibit Kit


Add POMP and CIRCUMSTANCE to your next event with Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences exhibit materials.

A variety of display materials is available for use at meetings, conferences, receptions, and other types of public events. This kit includes banners, table coverings, and podium drapes that showcase Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences.

A podium drape or banner should be used whenever there is a possibility that media will be attending.

To request materials, please complete the School of Arts and Sciences Exhibit Kit Sign Out Form at least five business days prior to the date needed and email it to Material quantities are limited and will be made available on a first come basis. 

Materials are to be returned to the Office of Events, 1 Spring Street (between Church St. and Paterson St.), College Avenue Campus, by prior arrangement between 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Allow 15 minutes for instruction and demonstration on how to assemble items.



Vertical Banner with Stand: Red with white text.  School of Arts and Science across the top; Rutgers logotype at bottom; informal seal in background.

The stand is adjustable and can be sized according to your specific needs.

  • 3’ x 8’ (three available)








Scarlet Table Runner

Table Cloths

Scarlet Table Runner with Black Table Cloth: Red with white text. Rutgers logotype with School of Arts and Sciences signature centered over informal seal in background. Table runners can be placed on top of a solid colored table cloth. Runners should be placed down the center of the table cloth, so that the design displays on the front of the table.

  • 30” x 90” (two available)


Black Table Cloth with Scarlet Rutgers Logo

Black Table Throw with Rutgers Logotype and School of Arts and Sciences Signature : Rutgers logotype and School of Arts and Sciences signature centered on front of cloth.Throw has no sides and looks best over a scarlet or black table cloth.

  • 70" wide (two available)
  • designed to fit six foot and eight foot tables (two)




The School of Arts and Sciences Exhibit Kit items are in compliance with the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

For more information, contact:

Dana Ricci, Director, Alumni Relations and Engagement, (848) 932-6408

Kristina Poggi, Program Coordinator, (848) 932-4108

Christine Waithe, Program Coordinator