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Faculty Achievement Report 

reportAcademic units within Rutgers University are required to submit reports of faculty honors, achievements, and publications to the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 

The Vice President of Academic Affairs uses the information from the School of Arts and Sciences Faculty Achievement Report to publicize the strengths and academic achievements of Rutgers University in speeches, promotional materials, and reports, and on the website.  The report gives Arts and Sciences and departments the opportunity to communicate to the central administration the outstanding work done across the School.

Departmental Faculty Achievement Reports are due to the Executive Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences in February and October of each year.

We currently use a Sakai site to systematize departmental reporting and streamline the process of compiling the report.  Communications staff post dates on the Sakai site and send reminders to departments of upcoming due dates.  Each chair and a designated assistant have access to the Sakai site and the template for the report.

A template for departmental use is posted on the Sakai website. Please rename the template with the name of your department and the date before uploading.  Review the sample entries and use them to format the information you add to the template.  If you cut and paste information from cvs or websites, please check the formatting before submitting. Please include dates for publications and talks and wait until works are published and talks have been given before including them on the list.  Remember, there is always another report coming!

Please continue to send exciting news directly to the Dean's Office at and