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Research in Arts and Sciences

Rutgers Arts and Sciences is a leader in discovery and innovation.

Nearly $746 million in annual research and development expenditures places Rutgers among the nation’s top 30 universities. With renowned scholars across the academic spectrum, the School of Arts and Sciences plays a preeminent role in the research-rich culture of Rutgers and is well-positioned to drive discovery. The School recently added critical laboratory facilities, instituted a new undergraduate biology program that places greater emphasis on research skills, and recruited faculty in emerging fields such as digital humanities, computational genetics, and for science and math programs focused on analyzing and harnessing the potential of big data.

Faculty and student scholars, such as those in the Department of Spanish and Portguese (above), showcase their research through posters, presentations, and discussions in the Rutgers Academic Building. Their research includes an examination of Colombian cinema and its handling of the decades of wart between leftist guerrillas, right-wing paramilitary forces, and the Colombian military. Other projects in the department address issues related to linguistics and language education, such as bilingual education in New Jersey and the learning of second-language speakers. Research Centers like the Institute for Research on Women, the Center for Cultural Analysis, and the Center for Cognitive Science provide interdisciplinary hubs of scholarship, research, and the sharing of new knowledge.

Learn more about the groundbreaking work done by Rutgers researchers and scholars in the Arts and Sciences.

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