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Checklist of Items to Consider When Announcing Your Plans for Remote Teaching to Your Students

  • Clearly state how you will communicate with your students: identify what tool you will use (generally, Canvas or Sakai), on what schedule, and tell them how to get in touch with you.
  • Explain how you will share resources and content with students.
  • Explain your plan for replacing in-person lectures/class sessions/other interactive activities. At a minimum, you should plan to devote the same amount of time scheduled for class meetings and office hours to regular, substantive interaction with students. Simply uploading materials does not constitute regular, substantive interaction.
    • For lectures, you might use live video meetings at the same time as the regularly scheduled course sessions, or record videos or narrated PowerPoints and post them to the LMS. See here for more suggestions.
    • For discussions, you might use the discussion forum feature of the LMS, or schedule open office hours on WebEx. See here for more suggestions.
    • For labs, you might focus on identifying the specific learning goals for each lab and developing alternate virtual examinations of data sets, or a faculty may want to perform a lab session over WebEx, provide data, and require students to do the analysis. Alternately, there might already be videos of experiments available online that assignments could be built around.
    • For independent studies, honors theses, and other capstone projects, faculty should develop alternate methods of remote completion.
  • Explain how you will alter assignments, exams, and other graded work. To simplify things, wherever possible, consider converting exams and assignments that require proctoring to an open-book/take-home format.
      • Proctortrack is available to proctor at-home computer-based exams; it has no fee for students but it does require advance planning. See here for details. TurnItIn is also available for plagiarism detection.
  • If you need to reweight any elements of the grade to reflect the adjustments above, clearly explain that to students. Special care should be taken to ensure that students’ grades do not suffer from these disruptions.
  • Please make it clear to students that they are expected to devote the same amount of time to classes being offered remotely as they do to in-person classes and explain that they will still receive a letter grade for the semester based on their work in the course


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