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Paul Robeson Centennial Scholars

Kusuma Ananth
Thesis Title: Role of orexin on binge eating behavior studied through pharmacogenetic modulation
Thesis Department: Animal Sciences
Student Major: Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Favorite Rutgers Moment: My favorite Rutgers experience was teaching my own First-Year Interest Group Seminar (FIGS). I designed my own lesson plans and then carried them out when I taught my class titled Careers in the Sciences. Teaching my class gave me the opportunity to mentor 24 first-year students and help them with the transition to college. By introducing them to the field of STEM, making them aware of the resources provided at Rutgers, and leading fun and interactive classes, I feel like I've made a difference in the experiences that my students are having at Rutgers and beyond.
Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ
Dream/Goal: I would like to conduct biomedical research in order to discover what causes autoimmune disorders and how we can prevent and treat them more effectively.
What does it mean to be a Paul Robeson Scholar, especially in this Centennial year of his graduation?: I am very excited to be a Paul Robeson Scholar because doing an honors thesis is something I knew I wanted to do even before I entered college. I have always been fascinated by biology, so being able to conduct independent research in the field has been a great experience. It's helped improve my critical thinking and problem solving skills, has expanded my interest in biology, and has provided me with a strong foundation for my further education and future career.


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The designation Paul Robeson Scholar is conferred upon School of Arts and Sciences students who have successfully defended a departmental or interdisciplinary senior thesis, as Paul Robeson himself did in 1919. An extraordinary student and Class of 1919 Valedictorian, Paul Robeson went on to become one of Rutgers University’s most distinguished alumni—as a renowned scholar, orator, performer, and human rights advocate. In honor of his legacy and achievements in the face of adversity, the School is proud to honor him each year as these Rutgers graduates follow in his footsteps.


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