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Paul Robeson Centennial Scholars

Taylor Anthony
Thesis Title: A Proteomics Approach to Analysis of Biomarkers in Mouse Models of Major Depressive Disorder and its Treatment
Thesis Department: Psychology (Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience)
Student Major: Psychology
Student Minor: Biological Sciences
Favorite Rutgers Moment: My favorite time at Rutgers was working in Dr. Ben Samuels' psychology lab to study mouse models of Major Depressive Disorder. I learned so much from conducting research for the lab, and I gained invaluable knowledge through working with both my mentors and my colleagues. My pre-clinical research experiences in the Samuels lab have piqued my interest in clinical research that I could conduct as a medical doctor. It makes me very excited for the future!
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Dream/Goal: I want to enroll in medical school and become a practicing physician and a physician scientist so that I can actively help people.
What does it mean to be a Paul Robeson Scholar, especially in this Centennial year of his graduation?: It is an absolute honor to be a Paul Robeson Scholar. He achieved greatness in so many areas of art, academia, and activism. We should all strive to pursue our dreams as passionately and wholeheartedly as he did, so that we can help make the world a better and more meaningful place. It would be amazing to acquire just a modicum of the success and fulfillment Paul Robeson did, so I am very proud to receive an award in his name.


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The designation Paul Robeson Scholar is conferred upon School of Arts and Sciences students who have successfully defended a departmental or interdisciplinary senior thesis, as Paul Robeson himself did in 1919. An extraordinary student and Class of 1919 Valedictorian, Paul Robeson went on to become one of Rutgers University’s most distinguished alumni—as a renowned scholar, orator, performer, and human rights advocate. In honor of his legacy and achievements in the face of adversity, the School is proud to honor him each year as these Rutgers graduates follow in his footsteps.


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