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Paul Robeson Centennial Scholars

Alexa Carter
Thesis Title: I Do (Not): Manipulation at Work in Henry James’ “Bad Courtship” Stories
Thesis Department: English
Student Major: English
Student Minor: Digital Communication, Information and Media
Favorite Rutgers Moment: My favorite Rutgers moment was when I presented my thesis at the symposium. I felt the relief of having finished my thesis and the joy of having my friends and family support my work.
Hometown: Ridgefield, NJ
Dream/Goal: I aspire to publish a novel one day.
What does it mean to be a Paul Robeson Scholar, especially in this Centennial year of his graduation?: I believe being a Paul Robeson Scholar is a testament to four years of hard work and dedication. I am honored to be part of this prestigious group of individuals.


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The designation Paul Robeson Scholar is conferred upon School of Arts and Sciences students who have successfully defended a departmental or interdisciplinary senior thesis, as Paul Robeson himself did in 1919. An extraordinary student and Class of 1919 Valedictorian, Paul Robeson went on to become one of Rutgers University’s most distinguished alumni—as a renowned scholar, orator, performer, and human rights advocate. In honor of his legacy and achievements in the face of adversity, the School is proud to honor him each year as these Rutgers graduates follow in his footsteps.


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