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Online/Hybrid Course Development Process

Faculty and departments that are developing fully online and hybrid courses should follow the process below:


  1. Engage departmental faculty in the design and implementation of online learning and have a clear articulation of their responsibilities and oversight for the program.
  2. Make department chairs aware of and gain their approval for online course development.
  3. Participate in online course development training.
  4. Submit online and hybrid courses to the SAS Online/Hybrid Course Development Program for funding.
  5. Develop MoU/contract with online course developer. Contact SAS Dean’s office for agreement templates.



  1. Collaborate with an instructional designer on course development.
  2. Examine course using a design rubric that encompasses both national quality standards for effective online learning as well as a superset of design standards agreed to by the institution and representatives from the program’s faculty.
  3. Make the syllabus available at the time of student registration, and include the students with disabilities statement (see pdf SAS Online Course Administrative Policy ).



  1. Submit the course to the SAS Curriculum Committee for review, per the committee’s guidelines.
  2. Submit the course for a review of accessibility to students with disabilities.
  3. Ensure that the course is properly coded as fully online and has an associated LMS (Learning Management System). Department administrators can contact Scheduling and Classroom Management for further information.



Please direct questions or inquiries regarding the Online/Hybrid Course Development Process to:

Chris Scherer
Director/New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning
1 Spring Street, Suite 313
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Rutgers School of Arts & Sciences