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Being a Brand Manager


What is the Rutgers brand and how is it created?

Our brand is created by every interaction, every communication, every story, and every mention.  Sometimes people say that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

The only way we can influence what people say about us when we are not in the room is to manage our interactions and communications when we are in the room together with our colleagues, students, public

We all benefit from the consistent presentation of the collective identity for the university.

Everybody who uses the identity correctly raises the brand recognition for the university and brings back value to our school and departments.

When we communicate about our unit, we are Rutgers brand managers.

It is the mission of the SAS Office of Communications to help others in units across SAS manage all these modes of communication while developing a unified and cohesive image following school and Rutgers Visual Identity standards.

Using the logo appropriately and effective is just one small but crucial element of brand management.

Our brand is much bigger than our logo, but our logo helps extend and consolidate our brand.



The Rutgers logotype with the School of Arts and Sciences signature must appear no smaller than 1.25 inch wide on the front of all print communications.

We are happy to assist you in using the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences logo, and can meet with you to work on materials.  Please contact the Communications Office or email us at with any questions. 





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