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35 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 848-932-8433 | Fax: 732-932-2957

Susan Lawrence
Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education
P 848-932-2637
Carolyn Moehling
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
P 848-932-6480
David Goldman
Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
P 848-932-7536
Jennifer Lenahan
Director of Career Explorations Initiative
P 848-932-6409
Eliza Blau
Instructional Technology Specialist
P 848-932-2277
Sherri Somers
Senior Department Administrator Supervisor
P 848-932-8433
Staci Abbruzzese
Administrative Assistant
P 848-932-6181
Nicole Dallara (on leave until Dec. 2, 2019)
Administrative Assistant
P 848-932-2278

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