Welcome Home Alumni

As part of our tenth anniversary series, we met with these young alums of the School of Arts and Sciences who are ready to come home and give back to Rutgers. Since our first class graduated in 2011, we have graduated over 30,000 students who are now making their mark, along with the 200,000 liberal arts Rutgers alums, in New Jersey, in every state, and in over 110 countries around the world.

Through the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Career Explorations initiative and SAS Connect, alumni come back to campus and meet with students to discuss the path they took from first class to choosing their major, from first year to first job, from first job to profession. 

Read through the interviews of these representative young alumni who were recently back on campus to learn what they gained from their Rutgers education, what they’ve learned since they left, and why they are ready to return to campus and help lead the next Rutgers graduates out into the world.


  • Vinay Limbachia, Class of 2011

    My time at Rutgers helped prepare me for my legal career in so many ways—from classes that developed analytical skills to research papers that sharpened my writing to professors who challenged me with a new question every time I thought I had an answer.  

  • Christin Nassar, Class of 2011

    Be open, explore, and ask for help! Remember that every person here, staff and student alike, have experienced the initial transition period to Rutgers and needed time to establish themselves in where they are. 

  • Hao Tong, Class of 2011

    Domain knowledge aside, the most important lesson I learned was what it means to take responsibility. In the end of the day, you reap what you sow. You are the only one who takes responsibility for your actions. It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable, but if you pull through, you will reap the benefit.

  • Carolina Castro, Class of 2012

    Multiple classes, experiences, and professors contributed to my success at Rutgers. A unique experience at Rutgers that helped build my character was living in special living-learning communities on Douglass campus. 

  • Ansh Abrol, Class of 2014

    My advice for current students is to spend a lot of time understanding who you are and what you want to do. Focus on what you want to contribute to the world. Take time to network, meet people in different industries and within your own industry.

  • Katherine Li, Class of 2014

    My advice for current Arts and Sciences students is to try, apply to, and attend as many opportunities as possible that come up during your career. You never know what will come out of those opportunities.