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Giving Day 2020

Shayne Judge

I feel there have been countless barriers and obstacles between me and my goals. I have had all the odds stacked against me financially, believing I would never go to college in the first place. I have had to work full-time while enrolled full-time in community college, and when I transferred to Rutgers University I had to take up jobs with late hours and weekend shifts just to support myself and pay my bills. I worked tirelessly at these jobs until I was hired at Health, Outreach, Promotion, and Education (HOPE), which allowed me to use my talents and be a part of something bigger than myself.

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Prince Abruquah

The intensive preparation the Rutgers computer science departments offer is one of a kind. The Rutgers computer science department ensures that students gain the necessary skills for computer science jobs. This profound support from the SAS scholarship office has helped me focus more on my school work, which has led me to successfully excel in my courses. As an aspiring software engineer, I eventually plan on establishing industries in computer programming and also free technical training institutions in impoverished areas such as my home country Ghana and other African countries.

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Savannah Seraphim

I love learning about how the world around me works and, more specifically, about the way the human body works. We are a fascinating machine and I love figuring out its mysteries. I also enjoy helping people and making their lives better in any way I can. If I could have a career where both of these passions are fulfilled, I would never have to work a day in my life.

This scholarship has made my educational experience focused on what it should be- learning. It is hard to put your full mental effort into studying when you are constantly worrying about the financial aspects of school. A huge burden has been lifted, and the mental space that was previously taken up by fears is now used for knowledge.

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Jahi McDonald

I love sharing knowledge between people. People have so much knowledge based off of experiences and our culture that is begging to be shared to better one another. I also have a deep passion for writing which is a major part of getting a communications degree. With this scholarship I have the freedom to be the best I could be and do the best I could do and focus entirely on my studies and not have to worry about whether or not the work I put in for my classes will end up transferring into credits because of payment issues.

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