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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Meet some graduates first interviewed at New Student Orientation in 2016 

 Class2020 Group

The incoming first year students visiting Rutgers for New Student Orientation in the summer of 2016 were jumping into campus life and learning about all the possibilities that awaited them in the fall and over the next four years.

Now they are graduates with amazing undergraduate experiences behind them and their adult lives in front of them. We recently caught up with a few of the students we met four years ago and asked them what they learned at Rutgers, what their plans are, and what their advice is for the incoming class of 2024.

Class2020 Samantha Jeannot

In 2016, Samantha Jeannot told us she chose Rutgers for "the close-knit environment, and the camaraderie that is palpable."

Samantha expanded that close-knit camaraderie by as a dedicated Resident Assistant inducted into the National Residence Hall Honorary.

She followed her love of reading even into a dreaded Milton class that Professor Ann Coiro turned into her favorite class while becoming a great mentor to Samantha as well.  

Class2020 Wolfgang Albrecht

While attending New Student Orientation, Wolfgang Albrecht told us his favorite subjects were English and history. 

"I chose Rutgers because it felt like a place where I could find myself and find my future," Wolfgang said.

He found it in political science and the study of constitutional law that he pursued in his honors thesis. He will be attending Seton Hall Law School as a Distinguished Scholar in the fall.

Take a minute to get acquainted with these aspiring journalists, law students, geologists, and healthcare IT professionals, and get inspired by their wisdom, eloquence, and energy.


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Congratulations to the Class of 2020!  


Sam JAE04196

Samantha Jeannot

Major: English

Minor: Digital Communication, Information, and Media (DCIM)

What are your favorite academic experiences outside of your major?

Studying abroad in Bologna, Italy the summer after my first year. I had the opportunity to study global journalism and documentary skills. This was such a life changing experience. Being immersed in such a distinct culture, my perspective of the world and writing had completely transformed. I loved being able to make new friends from all over, traveling to famous cities, and eating so much delicious food! 



Wolfgang IMG 4343

Wolfgang Albrecht III

Majors: Political Science and History

Do you have a favorite class/professor within your major?

I had two favorite classes, and one favorite professor. My constitutional law class, as well as my public policy formation class, were both large parts of my interest in pursuing a BA in political science. My favorite professor has been Professor Carney-Waterton, who I have taken multiple classes with.






Elisheva Sherman

Major: Geological Sciences

Minor: Plant Science

How did you decide on your major?

When I came to Rutgers, I took a bunch of courses that sounded interesting. One was Planet Earth. I found the subject matter fascinating so met with the Earth and Planetary Sciences Undergraduate department head. We spent two hours talking and I walked out with the next three years  planned. The summer of 2019 I worked for NASA in California. It was an amazing experience where I learned so much about NASA, work experience, and myself. 




kim knowles

Kimberly Knowles

Major: Information Technology and Information

Minor: Health Administration

What are your recommendations to the class of 2024?

Let yourself be surprised! It is completely normal to be coming in with all kinds of expectations of what you want to get out of your college experience. When I moved into my dorm in August 2016 I had my plan set up for exactly how the next 4 years would be—and that plan was interrupted in all of the best ways. I am proud to say that I truly got the most out of my 4 years at Rutgers by allowing myself to put aside my own plans and embrace the surprise of what is ahead, I hope you will all be able to say the same in 2024.