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Elisheva Sherman, Class of 2020

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Name: Elisheva Sherman
Major: Geological Sciences
Minor: Plant Science
Year: 2020

How did you decide on your major?Grad

When I first came to Rutgers, I took a bunch of courses that sounded interesting. One of the ones I investigated was Planet Earth. I found the subject matter fascinating so met with the Earth and Planetary Science Undergraduate department head. We spent two hours talking and I walked out with the next three years of school planned.

What is it about your chosen field (and the department) that appeals to you?

I really enjoyed learning about the history of this planet and how the processes that shape it today were happening a billion years ago. I love learning about the natural world and how we can live in harmony with it.

Do you have a favorite class/professor within your major?

My favorite class and professor is Dr. Jill Vantongren who taught petrology. I learned the most in this class as it required me to put several other classes together. Dr. VanTondren was encouraging and available if I need help, whether academically or professionally.

What are your favorite academic experiences outside of your major?

The summer of 2019 I worked for NASA in California. It was an amazing experience where I learned so much about NASA, work experience, and myself. I learned about remote sensing and oceanography. I made a lot of great connections and friends that I still keep in touch with.

What are your other Rutgers activities?

I have been a very active member in the Rutgers Hillel Jewish community.

What are your hopes and plans following graduation?

I am hoping to get a job as a researchers for a year or two in NYC before going to grad school out west.

What are your recommendations of how to get the most out of Rutgers to the class of 2024?

Don’t be afraid to got do stuff by yourself. I joined a major I didn’t know anyone in and went to intro club meetings without friends. Going to these kinds of events by myself forced me to branch out and make new friends. This allowed me to become close with different types of people so that I am surrounded by a diverse range of thought.