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Arts and Sciences Seniors Find Their Calling

Arts and Sciences Class of 2019

Congratulations to the School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2019!

The 5,499 students graduating this year from Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s largest school are diverse, accomplished, and committed. They embody the values and traditions of the School of Arts and Sciences, which this year is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Paul Robeson's graduation as valedictorian in 1919. 

From Avina Rami, a cell biology and neuroscience major committed to curing spinal cord injury, to Brent Leoni (pictured above), an English major and budding film director and screenwriter who will teach English in South Korea next year, these Arts and Sciences students found their path at Rutgers and are going places!

Each year brings new standards of academic excellence.  And the class of 2019 is no exception with more than 1,600 graduating with a 3.5 grade point average or higher, and 63 with a 4.0.

School of Arts and Sciences students value the ability to explore many fields as they search for their calling. A total of 745 students are graduating with two majors, like Miah Hagood, who majored in sociology and criminal justice and will be attending Rutgers Law School-Newark next year.  

The School of Arts and Sciences takes pride in providing students the opportunity to seek, to grow, and to discover not only what they want to be, but who they want to be.  


Read their inspiring stories below.



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