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Giving Day 2019


Think Bigger 1x2

 They are aspiring doctors, lawyers, and scientists who want to heal and help the world. One wants to open a teaching hospital in the developing world. Another is determined to find a cure for dyslexia. A third plans to practice human rights law in the international arena.

85% of Rutgers students qualify for financial aid. The School of Arts and Sciences awards over 250 scholarships annually based on academic merit, financial need, or both. 

The dreams of these School of Arts and Sciences undergraduates have been nurtured and sustained in the face of financial challenges. School of Arts and Sciences students go on to successful careers in law, medicine, business, and the arts as well as graduate school.

For Rutgers Giving Day 2019, these student scholarship recipients came together and combined their stories to show the impact that you can have directly on the lives and educations of our students by giving to the two School of Arts and Sciences funds that provide scholarships to our students.

The School of Arts and Sciences also establishes endowed scholarships that support students today and for generations to come from generous support from alumni, parents, and friends.

If you missed Giving Day 2019, on March 27, please read the stories and watch the video below and consider giving to support the dreams and aspirations of our students.


Meet the Students

  • Mohammed Abu

    My ultimate dream and aspiration in life is to take my understanding of medicine and open up a teaching hospital in a developing country and run the hospital myself along with other doctors. Receiving this scholarship allows me to come back next semester and focus on the quality of my work. I can’t say anything that can express my gratitude other than thank you for your donations; because of you I am able to focus on my education and focus on making my mark on this community and hopefully in the future I can do the same and change someone else's life and give them the opportunity you gave me.

  • Monet Sterling

    I always loved English all throughout grade school. I enjoy literature and the art of language, the exposure to different genres of literature, and the open discussions that follow in class. I plan on going to law school to practice and specialize in family law. The moment I was awarded the scholarship, I was ecstatic to know there was a scholarship that existed for me. I immediately wanted to thank the donor. I was and still am forever grateful for my scholarship! Rutgers, and this scholarship, has given me the opportunity to grow and access to tools I need to expand into the person I was meant to be.

  • Stephania Gonzalez Mena

    I have been interested in politics and economics since childhood—particularly the impact that it has on our society. When people would run away from politics, policy, the law, I would run towards it—to know it, understand it, and ultimately to change it. My plans ultimately involve law school. Rutgers has given me the opportunity to get an education in order to develop myself as both a person and a soon-to-be professional—all the while making life-long friends and amazing mentors.

  • Ebony Kendrick

    I have always had a love for fashion and business and I hope to pursue a career in that industry. I went into college unsure; however, at Rutgers I believe I really found myself and began to figure out what I want to do with my life. And then, I honestly thought that would temporarily be taken away from me. But with the help of the SAS advisors and the SAS Dean’s Emergency Assistance Fund, the entirety of my balance was paid off just a week before the semester  began. I will be eternally grateful for that considering that I had a newfound passion for my schoolwork and a deep love for this school and I find so much comfort in the campus and the Rutgers community.

  • Thomas Newton

    I chose biomathematics because I know that I would be able to learn more about not just one study I loved, but my two favorite disciplines: numbers and genetics. When I found out that Rutgers has biomathematics as an option for a major, I jumped on it immediately. My dream is to be a research scientist—to find a cure for dyslexia. This scholarship made one thing in particular possible. I wanted to get experience in a lab before going to grad school. I have researched many programs, ranging from Michigan to Maine to Georgia, that offer summer internships in a research lab for first-year undergraduate students. To attend one of the research programs would not have been possible.

  • Rivky Brandwein

    One of the great things about college is that I had the opportunity to try different things. I changed my major a few times before I settled on philosophy. I knew I wanted to go to law school so I was able to major in anything I wanted, and when I took Intro to Philosophy, I felt like an entire world had opened up to me. I’d never realized how complicated the questions about free will, ethics, and how we know things are, and how exciting it is to try to discover the answers. Philosophy classes made me feel so alive.

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