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Arts and Sciences Gets Ready for Rutgers Day 2019

Rutgers’ largest school raises a big tent on Rutgers Day

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The School of Arts and Sciences will have a big presence at Rutgers Day 2019.

The Arts and Sciences Tent of Big Ideas–a showcase of scholarship, creativity, and innovation from across the School’s academic spectrum–will return to Voorhees Mall, College Avenue Campus, serving as a hub where people can gather, socialize, and meet faculty, students, and alumni.

“We’ve had a lot of people doing fabulous work on Rutgers Day since the beginning,” says Arts and Sciences Executive Dean Peter March. “People can experience the vast depth and breadth of our programs under two tents.”

Rutgers Day, which takes place Saturday, April 27, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, is a one-day exploration and celebration of the university’s research, education, and service. The free event includes the New Jersey Folk Festival and Ag-Field Day. Rutgers Day draws people from throughout the region, including alumni, parents of current or prospective students, and those just looking for an interesting way to spend a spring Saturday.

A big tent is a very apt analogy for Rutgers and for Arts and Sciences

Rutgers Day also coincides with Alumni Weekend, offering Rutgers alumni the opportunity to connect with old friends and classmates while they are on campus.

The Arts and Sciences Tent of Big Ideas will feature conversations on topics ranging from serious health issues like kidney stones to the vibrant community outreach efforts in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese to organizational liability in sport.

“A big tent is a very apt analogy for Rutgers and for Arts and Sciences,” March said. “Across all parts of the school, our alumni, parents, prospective students can have a single place where they can see the entire scope of the depth and breadth of the arts and sciences.” 

Visit Arts and Sciences programs around campus and get your passport booklet stamped.  Puzzles are a big theme this year.  On Busch, stop by the "Mathematical games and Puzzles from around the World tent."

On Douglass, check out the "People Puzzles" posed by the Department of Sociology

Fromage Frenzy StudentsThe Philosophy Cafe, on Voorhees Mall near the Big Tent, is also adding a puzzle contest:  "Thinking Inside the Box." Come to the tent to get a copy of the first puzzle. Those who solve the first puzzle will be able to use their answer to get the next puzzle, and so on. The first person, or team, to solve the final puzzle will win a thematic prize. It costs nothing to enter or play.

The French Department's cheese tasting booth is always a hit!  Can you guess which cheese is which?

At the School of Arts and Sciences Big Tent, join in conversations with faculty from across the school as well as Dean March. 

Visit Arts and Sciences programs across Rutgers–New Brunswick on Rutgers Day, collect three or more stamps in your Arts and Sciences program, bring it to the Arts and Sciences tent on College Avenue to receive a free, limited edition Arts and Sciences giveaway.

For more information on Rutgers Day, go to the website.




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