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Meet the Class of 2020

 Class2020 Group

These first-year students have arrived on campus ready to explore the arts and sciences, discover their calling, and experience the richness of a diverse campus.

Class2020 Ruben LizardoName: Ruben Lizardo

Hometown: North Bergen

Favorite Subject in High School: English

Choosing Rutgers: I really liked the diversity. There are many different kinds of people and I felt I could definitely find my niche.

First Year Expectations: Meeting new people.





Class2020 Samantha JeannotName: Samantha Jeannot

Hometown: North Plainfield

Favorite Subject in High School: Journalism and English. I love reading and writing and I hope to major in English at Rutgers.

Choosing Rutgers: There’s the close-knit environment, and the camaraderie that is palpable. There’s a spirit here that reminds me of my own school.

First Year Expectations: Seeing a lot of new faces. Getting lost, but having fun.



Name: Victor BonillaClass2020 Victor Bonilla

Hometown: Piscataway

Favorite Subject in High School: History

Choosing Rutgers: To me, Rutgers is home. I have been a Rutgers Future Scholars since seventh grade, and I live right around the corner from campus. Coming here feels totally natural.

First Year Expectations: Making new friends. Taking a mix of courses, and developing an idea of what I want to do with my future. 




Class2020 Aneesa AhmedName: Aneesa Ahmed

Hometown: New Milford

Favorite Subject in High School: Biology

Choosing Rutgers: Rutgers is a very large community with amazing organizations and amazing research opportunities, all of which I am really excited to be a part of.

First Year Expectations: Socially, I want to meet new people and volunteer for organizations. Academically, I want to pursue molecular biology and biochemistry. I want to meet the professors and find out more about the major and the available research opportunities.



Class2020 Anthony SantiagoName: Anthony Santiago

Hometown: West Milford

Favorite subject in High School: Science. I’m interested in majoring in computer science at Rutgers.

Choosing Rutgers: I was drawn by its size and its reputation. 

First Year Expectations: I’m looking forward to being on my own and having that sense of independence.





Class2020 Wolfgang AlbrechtName: Wolfgang Albrecht

Hometown: Oakland

Favorite Subject in High School: English and History.

Choosing Rutgers: Rutgers felt like home. It felt like a place where I could find myself and find my future.

First Year Expectations: Trying to not be overwhelmed, and looking forward to the football games.





Class2020 Elisheva ShermanName: Elisheva Sherman

Hometown: Highland Park

Choosing Rutgers: There is so much here to choose from. I am coming in undecided, so I feel like I have a lot of opportunities to figure out what I want to do as opposed to a small school where there are fewer options.

First year expectations: It’s going to be awesome! I’ve seen photos of someone dressed as a scarlet knight on horseback. I would like to be that person!





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