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Congratulations Rutgers Arts and Sciences Class of 2016!

Lives Shaped by Liberal Arts and Sciences

2016 Seniors posing at the 1902 gate

They're aspiring lawyers, scientists, educators, and media professionals.

The graduates below are just a small slice of the Class of 2016, yet reflect in so many ways the breadth and depth of the Arts and Sciences at Rutgers.

Read their stories and learn how they found their calling at the School of Arts and Sciences.

2016SeniorCallOuts Alina AfinogenovaAlina Afinogenova

Hometown: Princeton

Major: Genetics and Economics

Arts and Sciences in Action: I’ve always had a pre-disposition for science. Initially I chose economics as a second major because I thought it would be helpful in life. But I’ve come to see economics as complementing genetics, or neuro-genetics in a very fascinating way. 

Economics is really the study of the behavior, and then the behavior really is the result of the molecular changes, and the brain chemistry that is happening behind the scenes.

Plans: As much as I enjoy working in the lab, I discovered that what really fascinated me are the broader implications of the work, and I am interesting in pursuing a law degree. In the transition from basic science to the public sphere, there are many important questions that arise. I want to be working in that interface of science, law and ethics. I will be attending Harvard Law School in September. 

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: The roommates that I met on move-in day and have lived with since then have been wonderful friends.

Benefits of SAS: I love the diversity. 

2016SeniorCallOuts Anthony BoniniAnthony Bonini

Hometown: Oakland, N.J. 

Major: Anthropology and mathematics, with a minor in classics.

Arts and Sciences in Action: I did a six-week Study Abroad in Kenya where I studied advanced methods of paleo-archaeology. There’s no internet, little cell service, and you’re with people you don’t know. You exercise your self-discipline and push yourself to the limit.

Plans: I realized at Rutgers that I was naturally drawn to teaching, to getting people excited about learning, and understanding why we should learn. So I plan to go to graduate school and become a math teacher. I’m interested in teaching students in economically challenged communities. There are a lot of students that just need the right push, the right perspective to spark that motivation for academic excellence.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: Through my participation in the Catholic Student Association and the SAS Honor’s Program, I’ve been able to make a big school seem small. Whenever I walk down College Avenue, I always run into someone I know.

Benefits of SAS: I knew that no matter what I decided to study, or switch to, I’d find it here.

2016SeiorCallOuts Joe DeAngelisJoe DeAngelis

Hometown: Egg Harbor

Major: Psychology with a minor in cognitive science

Arts and Sciences in Action:  Cognitive science is all about how we think. It’s a discipline that employs psychology, computer science, neuroscience, anthropology, and other fields to get different perspectives on how we think, make decisions, and collaborate with others.

Plans: I will be attending graduate school, pursuing a masters in psychology, or possibly joining the Peace Corps if I am invited to serve.

Benefits of SAS: Being able to get involved in research on an undergraduate level was really a benefit. I was able to do research through the Aresty Research Center and also served as a peer instructor at Aresty. So many innovations that have contributed to the betterment of mankind have started in the same place. You can always trace it right back to someone doing the research.

2016SeiorCallOuts Henna JiyaniHenna Jiyani

Hometown: Toms River

Major: Economics and Information Technology and Informatics

Arts and Sciences in Action:  I think IT is important to every company. I think economics makes you an analytical thinker for everyday life. It’s important for making decisions in life; company-wise, I think the combination is a really good mix. You are working with people and computers.

Plans: Right now I want to go into consulting. I am going to be working for this company called Accenture, and I am going into infrastructure consulting analytics, and after a year or two, I want to get my MBA.

Enduring memory of Rutgers:  Joining Sigma Kappa has given me a lifetime of memories. Desi Intercultural Youth Association has given me great leadership skills.

Benefits of SAS: There are a lot of opportunities here. You could come in undecided and try out a few possibilities and eventually figure out what you want to do. I came in thinking I’d be in the medical field. But then I tried out different classes and discovered I really liked economics. 

2016SeiorCallOuts Jaimie McClennenJaime McClennen

Hometown: Ocean City

Major: Communications and Human Resource Management with a minor in digital communication, information, and media.

Arts and Sciences in Action: I picked communications because my mom was in advertising her whole life, so I saw her doing that.  I also thought having a background in human resources would only help my career and it’s a growing field.   

Plans: I’m going to graduate school at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. I’m going for public relations and hope to be working at an ad agency in the PR department. 

Enduring memory: My favorite social aspect was living on College Avenue. You see so many different people. When I came into Rutgers, I thought I was going to be a number. But walking around College Avenue, I’d see a face I knew every step, and that really made a difference.

Benefits of SAS:  You may go into SAS thinking you want to do one thing. But you have so many options within the school to take different classes and have different interests. You may find something that really speaks to you, and if you decide to switch, you can.

2016SeiorCallOuts Alexis TostiAlexis Tosti

Hometown: Bridgewater

Major: Communications with public relations specialization. Minors in French and digital communication, information, and media.

Arts and Sciences in Action: I studied communications because it’s a broad field that offers a lot of possibilities.  The digital communication minor taught me how different leadership styles and technology affect certain businesses, which I found very useful. And I minored in French because I just like it!

Plans: Right now I am doing internal communications for ADP (payroll and human resources services firm). I will be continuing to work there as an internal communications specialist. I’m very excited. They’re a great company.

Enduring memory of Rutgers: This final semester was definitely one for the books. I got my first 4.0 while working 36 hours per week. It’s been a whirlwind and I feel very proud. It's a great way to end my senior year.

Benefits of SAS: I definitely think the School of Arts and Sciences has made me a well-rounded student.

2016SeiorCallOuts Max ReoMax Reo

Hometown: Fanwood

Major: Human Resource Management with a minor in labor studies.

Arts and Sciences in Action: Human resource management is a business function, but you are dealing with people rather than just products or numbers. There is a human touch. I want to help employees feel good about what they’re doing. That in turn, can improve their lives, and their careers.

Plans: I’m in a five year program at Rutgers for human resource management. So I will be doing my fifth year in September to get my master’s degree. My main career goal is t become a firefighter. I have taken the Civil Service exam and hope to be joining a department.

Enduring memory of Rutgers: I lived off campus my senior year and it was just an incredible experience. I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life.

Benefits of SAS: The flexibility and support SAS offers is fantastic. In my first year I was struggling to find my major and who I was. The advisors were completely supportive. They told me to take as many classes as I can. That’s is how I fell into human resources.


2016SeiorCallOuts Max Revolutionary



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