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Congratulations Class of 2015!

Lives Shaped by Liberal Arts and Sciences

Group Class2015They're aspiring doctors, economists, writers, and educators.

The eight graduates below are just a small slice of the Class of 2015, yet reflect in so many ways the breadth and depth of the Arts and Sciences at Rutgers. 

Read their stories and learn how they found their calling at the School of Arts and Sciences.


JessicaBohorquez Class2015Name: Jessica Bohorquez

Hometown: Edison

Major: Exercise science and sport studies, with a psychology minor.

Academic Experience: My concentration was in applied kinesiology. It was the perfect fit as I’ve always been involved in sports, and very physically active.

Plans: I have an internship in the summer with Test Sports Clubs and plan to learn more about strength and conditioning. I want to get the appropriate certifications and put my name out there and develop a client base consisting of athletes at all ages.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: Interning with the men’s soccer and lacrosse teams as an athletic trainer. It didn’t feel like work. I enjoyed every second.

Benefits of SAS: There are so many possibilities. I found exactly what I wanted. 

Florence Chan Class of 2015 Rutgers School of Arts and SciencesName: Florence Chan

Hometown: Milltown

Major: Political science and Chinese.

Academic Experience: I was always interested in political science. I started taking Chinese classes and actually studied abroad in Beijing. So I thought: ‘with all these credits, I am just going to go for it!’

Plans: I have a full time job offer, working for a health IT company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: The experiences you have with your friends. You meet so many amazing people. They are all so smart and come from such diverse backgrounds.

SAS: Being in the Honors program, and living in Brett Hall. It unites people with a lot of different majors. 

Emma Kaplan Class of 2015 Rutgers School of Arts and SciencesName: Emma Kaplan

Hometown: Fanwood

Major: Economics, with a minor in business administration.

Academic Experience: I was a pre-business student and one the requirements was macroeconomics. The way professor Neil Sheflin taught the class, and the way he talked about the department made we want to major in economics. Economics is a huge umbrella: there’s research; analytical, technical. It gives you many options.

Plans: I want to get my MBA, but plan to get some work experience first. I may obtain my actuary license.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: There are many ways to find your own niche here, including through all the different clubs and organizations. You can really find your own small group of friends that makes it feel like home.

Benefits of SAS: For me, it was just going to that one class on that one day that really shaped my four years at Rutgers. 

Natale Mazzaferro Class of 2015 Rutgers School of Arts and SciencesName: Natale Mazzaferro

Hometown: Raritan

Major: Biological sciences and Italian

Academic Experience: I’m premed so I needed biology. As for Italian, I love the language!

Plans:I’m interested in working for a few years before applying to medical school. I’m currently working as an admitting clerk at a hospital. I’d love to work in New York City.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: Storming the field after the Rutgers vs. Michigan game. I was working concessions and we saw everyone running to the field. We looked at each other and said: ‘we have to go too!” It was an amazing moment to see all the people, and to read on the Jumbotron: “Victory.”

Benefits of SAS: There are so many options. Yet it never seems big. The major/minor fairs were really helpful. And there’s always an adviser available to help. 

 Samantha Mon Class of 2015 Rutgers School of Arts and SciencesName: Samantha Mon

Hometown: Waldwick

Major: Psychology, with a minor in education in biology.

Academic Experience: I became involved with a mentoring program that connects college students to adolescents in New Brunswick. It was a very eye-opening and unforgettable experience.

Plans: I’m planning to go to graduate school at Columbia University for higher and postsecondary education. I’d like to continue doing what Rutgers did for me: Connecting college students to the community, and creating civic engagement programs.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: All the people I’ve met. Everyone brings such different experiences. I learned a lot from my friends about believing in myself and pursuing my interests. That’s how I became got involved in the mentoring program.

Benefits of SAS: Being in the Honors Program, and living in Brett Hall.

Chris Price Class of 2015 Rutgers School of Arts and SciencesName: Christopher Price

Hometown: Lindenwold

Major: English, with a minor in music.

Academic Experience: I took creative writing classes and really started falling in love with the major. I took performance poetry in my first year.  It was a great class and I kept right on going. Music and performance have always been part of my life, so that informed my minor.

Plans: I’d love to work in the arts in some way.

Enduring memory of Rutgers: Some of my greatest moments were when I performed in shows and my friends and family would come see me. Having friends support me in that way is something I will always treasure.

Benefits of SAS: The amount of resources I had was so much more than in other schools. If I needed to see an adviser or dean, I could see them anytime. 

ShivamSaini Class2015Name: Shivam Saini

Hometown: Emerson

Major: Information technology and informatics, with a minor is in psychology.

Plans: I’m considering graduate school or working for a company to gain experience.

Enduring Memory of Rutgers: I rowed for the crew team in my first year and it was tremendous fun and great discipline. I also loved living in different dorms and meeting new people.

Benefits of SAS: Being in SAS opened me up to many different people. I appreciated being able to meet people who could discuss different topics, not just the subjects related to my field.

ChasityUzuegbu Class2015Name: Chasity Nkiru Uzuegbu

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana.

Major: Biological sciences and public health, with a minor in Africana studies.

Academic experience: I want to be a doctor, so I chose biology for its broad approach. But I also chose public health because I believe that you need to understand a person’s environment if you want to understand their health. I chose Africana studies as a minor because I want to be a cardiologist. African Americans are one of the groups most at-risk groups for heart disease. What better way to understand their culture?

Enduring memory of Rutgers: I am Nigerian and also African American. It was wonderful to come to the orientation my first year and see people from different cultures coming together at Rutgers.


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