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Class of 2014: Lives Shaped by Liberal Arts and Sciences

Meet the School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2014! In the stories below, students of diverse background, interests, and talents, recall the personal and intellectual growth they experienced at SAS, and how they found their unique path. As a whole, the Class of 2014 totals 4,987 graduates, more than 25 percent of whom are honors students, and more than 20 percent completed double majors.   

Jamie Donatiello
Jamie Donatiello was drawn to geography because of its global focus, and its ability to cover a remarkable array of issues, from language to religion to international developement. In her senior year, however, she has brought her focus back home to New Jersey and New York where she is using advanced mapping technology to address essential local issues, such as access to ocean waters along the New Jersey coastline.  Read the story.

 Olive Henries
Born in Liberia, and raised in New Jersey, Olive Henries struggled to reconcile her African roots with her American life. "I felt my identity was incomplete," she said. "I needed to pull the different strands together and discover who I was." It was at Rutgers where she made that discovery, becoming a socially and globally conscious student as well as a humanitarian activist. Read the story.  

Michael Nanfara
Michael Nanfara came to Rutgers with a clear goal in mind: prepare for medical school. But on the way to that goal, this ace science student saw the need to broaden his horizons. So he applied and was accepted into a political science fellowship, and quickly became active in public policy work. His academic journey gave him new depth, confidence and a sense of flexibility. Read the story

 Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh stepped into multiple roles during her undergraduate career: literature student, captain of the cross-country team, public policy analyst, environmentalist, and proud Indian American. The Flemington native said her eclectic journey was fueled by a desire for balance. "I've always avoided being entrenched in one way of thinking or in one way of being," she said. Read the story.
TisdaleStanleyDmitriD'Mitri Tisdale-Stanley
Transferring to Rutgers from a community college, D'Mitri Tisdale-Stanley arrived in New Brunwick as a junior feeling proud and protective of his identity as a Rutgers student. "I always wanted to attend Rutgers, and I think coming here after going to a two-year school made me appreciate it even more," he said. Tisdale-Stanley channeled his energy into helping new students feel at home at Rutgers. Read the story.





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