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Paul Robeson Centennial Scholars

Joanthan St. Ange
Major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Minor: Chemistry
Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ
Favorite Rutgers Moment: There are way too many amazing moments to just choose one, but one of the greatest was my Honors College Convocation ceremony. Dressed up in all of my regalia along with all of my peers who I started my journey with was an amazing experience. We all lived, studied, learned, and grew together. Whether we stayed in touch all of the 4 years or just knew each other in passing, we were on the journey together and it was amazing. Attending convocation with some of my best friends who will be my true friends for life was an amazing experience. A culmination of all of our time here, and the mark of the beginning of our next chapter.
Dream/Goal: To become a researching physician and make a worthwhile contribution to science.
What does it mean to be a Scholar?: After defending my departmental honors thesis, I received highest honors in my department and the honor of being named a Paul Robeson Scholar. For me, recognition as a Paul Robeson Scholar is recognizing not only all the time and effort I gave to complete my thesis, but also all of the knowledge I have gained along the way. I did not just generate data in a lab and study scientific papers. I worked alongside a team of people and strove to learn something and contribute to the overall knowledge in my field of study. Being a Paul Robeson Scholar means that one has dedicated themselves to their studies and applied an interdisciplinary approach to learning something new. I feel great pride in the work I have done here, and I am grateful for this recognition.
Thesis Title: Using a High Throughput Approach to Find Proteins Related to Exopher Production in Caenorhabditis elegans and Testing the Validity of Scanning Procedures
Thesis Department: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


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The designation Paul Robeson Scholar is conferred upon School of Arts and Sciences students who have successfully defended a departmental or interdisciplinary senior thesis, as Paul Robeson himself did in 1919. An extraordinary student and Class of 1919 Valedictorian, Paul Robeson went on to become one of Rutgers University’s most distinguished alumni—as a renowned scholar, orator, performer, and human rights advocate. In honor of his legacy and achievements in the face of adversity, the School is proud to honor him each year as these Rutgers graduates follow in his footsteps.