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Julian Grochowski Class of 2018

GROCHOWSKI JULIAN KD18 RU MOMS GRADS 0450webWhat is your hometown? South Amboy, NJ 

What is/are your majors? Planning and Public Policy with a minor in Economics

What is your goal? My goal is to develop a career in creating sustainable and clean energy policy.

What will you miss most about Rutgers? I will miss the friends and professors that Rutgers has connected me with.

Do you have a message for your mom? Mama, you have raised me to better myself in every way, I could not have accomplished my greatest successes without you backing me up, I love you :)


Mother: Do you have a message for your child? My baby boy is becoming a man, I wish you nothing but the best darling. Never forget, I am always here for you.

Celebrating the Rutgers mothers and their children who graduated on Mother's Day 2018.