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Giannina Ruiz Class of 2018

Giannina and mom Alicia RuizWhat is your hometown? Roselle Park, NJ

What is/are your majors? Political Science

What is your goal?

My goal is to go to law school, move to Washington D.C. and eventually work in the White House. 

What will you miss most about Rutgers?

I will miss the great programs and opportunities available as an undergrad through Rutgers & DRC.

Do you have a message for your mom?

Thank you for always believing in my ability to succeed even when I am being really hard on myself and doubt my own potential. You taught me to always apply to every opportunity despite feeling like I may not be qualified for the role. 


Mother: Do you have a message for your child?

Giannina, we are very proud of you! The first to graduate from Rutgers University.

Celebrating the Rutgers mothers and their children who graduated on Mother's Day 2018.