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Maeve Callaghan Class of 2018

 CALLAGHAN MAEVE KD18 RU MOMS GRADS 0462webWhat is your hometown? Edison, NJ

What is/are your majors? Information Technology

What is your goal? To work in my field and get a Masters degree.

What will you miss most about Rutgers? Being so close to my friends all the time.

Do you have a message for your mom? Thank you for being my biggest support system for the past 22 years. You have inspired me so much, I can't even list the ways. Thank you for being my mom, and loving me unconditionally- hope I'm making you proud!


Mother: Do you have a message for your child?

I am so proud of you! What an amazing woman you have become. Enjoy your travels through life - here and abroad. Remember wherever you go - Scarlet Forever!


Celebrating the Rutgers mothers and their children who graduated on Mother's Day 2018.