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Arts and Sciences 2007 - 2017

Professor Julien Musolino in discussion with students

Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Celebrates Ten Years of Transformational Teaching, Research, and Outreach 

Ten years ago, the School of Arts and Sciences welcomed its first group of incoming students in what was one of the biggest changes in the history of Rutgers University. Carrying on the tradition set by Rutgers, Livingston, Douglass, and University colleges, the School of Arts and Sciences emerged as an institution dedicated to a broad-based liberal arts education.

Our core mission is teaching, research, and service.

Rutgers students have always had access to top scholars and lead researchers.  This connection continues in classroom and labs, and innovative ways around our campus.

"There’s constant interaction between undergraduates and faculty, and that’s a testament to the dedication that our faculty have to their students," says Executive Dean Peter March. "The School of Arts and Sciences is a public trust that can contribute to the world in many ways, from research and service projects to the education of deeply engaged, intellectually curious citizens. We see our leadership as an obligation to work for the greater good—at Rutgers, and in the world."

Click on the titles below to see our special series of articles that look back at our successes and forward to the innovative breakthroughs and contributions that Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences students, faculty, and alumni will make to their alma mater, to New Jersey, and to the world.


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