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An Economics Major Finds an Entrepreneurial Passion in Music

Brian Rauth 2018

Embracing economics and helping local musicians

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Brian Rauth arrived at Rutgers determined to pursue music as a composition major. He never expected to be drawn toward economics.

“I come from family of accountants and so I always thought of finance as my parents’ thing,” he said.

Studying economics changed my life

 But after hearing from friends who were studying economics and then taking a few courses, he began to think differently about the field. In his second year he switched his major to economics, with a minor in psychology.

“Studying economics changed my life because it made me more comfortable living in modern society,” Rauth says. “When you start learning about why things happen from an economic perspective, concepts like capital and financial markets suddenly become demystified. You feel like you can take control of your future.”

Rauth, who graduated in January 2018, hopes to find a position in data analytics and eventually plans to attend graduate school.

Meanwhile, his economics background has empowered him to pursue his passion for music as an entrepreneur. He has started his own business in New Brunswick where he helps musicians by providing affordable recording and production services. His HomeSound Productions has about 15 clients, including singers, bands, and instrumentalists.

“A lot of bands in New Brunswick do not have the money to record because they’re students,” Rauth says. “I want to make them sound as good as possible. It’s incredibly gratifying to be able use my economics knowledge to help other musicians as I develop this entrepreneurial project.”