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2019 Rutgers President's Awards

Arts and Sciences faculty honored for teaching, research, and service 

JAS19 CACP AwardsJASX0063

Members of the university community were honored for excellence in teaching, research, and service at a ceremony hosted by President Robert L. Barchi and the Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes, an initiative of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, presented the Clement A. Price Human Dignity Awards.

See below all the awards earned by Arts and Sciences.


The Warren I. Susman Awards for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to faculty members in recognition of outstanding service in stimulating and guiding the intellectual development of students at Rutgers University.

CB14 AndrewBaker 3055 sq

Andrew Baker, Department of Physics and Astronomy, in recognition of his excellent and innovative teaching and caring mentorship, including his ability to create a classroom environment that challenges, engages, and supports the intellectual and professional development of his students, and his outstanding outreach to underrepresented student communities across the country.

Meredith McGill, Department of English, in recognition of her deep commitment to teaching and mentoring that extends far beyond her classroom, including her exceptional curriculum development in new and emerging areas, and her ability to model the bravery and excitement that she wants to instill in her students.

JAS19 CACP AwardsJASX0009

The Rutgers Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research honors faculty members who have made distinguished research contributions to their discipline or society.

JAS19 CACP AwardsJASX0041

Bryce Nickels, Department of Genetics, Waksman Institute of Microbiology, in recognition of his groundbreaking work in understanding the mechanism and regulation of bacterial gene expression, including identifying an entirely new regulatory paradigm with potential implications for gene expression in all organisms.


Elizabeth Torres, Department of Psychology, Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling, in recognition of her distinguished record of achievement in cognitive neuroscience, with emphasis in computational aspects of sensory motor integration and human cognition, including her development of a new statistical platform to objectively quantify natural behaviors. 

2017 01 25 0228 RU SAS sq

The Rutgers Faculty Scholar-Teacher Award honors faculty members who have made outstanding contributions in research and teaching. The award recognizes those who bring together scholarly and classroom activities.

JAS19 CACP Awards0054

Charles Keeton, Department of Physics and Astronomy, in recognition of his remarkable astrophysics research on the phenomenon of gravitational lensing, and his incredible talent as a teacher, mentor, and curriculum developer in strengthening the academic lives of his students.

Karen Schindler, Department of Genetics, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of reproductive genetics; her singular ability to create a challenging and supportive classroom experience through modern interactive methods that make the latest research accessible to students; and her outstanding mentorship of the next generation of biomedical researchers.

Carla Yanni, Department of Art History, in recognition of her path-breaking work as a social historian of architecture, and her remarkable ability to make architecture come alive for her students by teaching them to think rigorously about the ways people have lived with the built world and in so doing made it meaningful.

The Board of Trustees Research Fellowships for Scholarly Excellence honors faculty members who have recently been promoted with tenure and whose work shows exceptional promise.

JAS19 CACP AwardsJASX0104 sq

Alyson Brooks, Department of Physics and Astronomy, in recognition of her remarkable and innovative research at the interface of astronomical observations and particle physics, including her usage of state-of-the-art, high-resolution cosmological simulations to answer in detail how galaxies are formed, and her incredible insights that are providing solutions to a number of outstanding problems in the field today. 

The Presidential Fellowships for Teaching Excellence honors newly tenured faculty members for outstanding teaching and scholarly work.

Alyson Brooks, Department of Physics and Astronomy, in recognition of her outstanding teaching, which encourages discovery and the questioning and testing of limits in a nurturing and supportive environment; and her unwavering commitment to addressing diversity in science, continually striving to increase the number of underrepresented students in physics and astronomy.

The Clement A. Price Human Dignity Award recognizes outstanding individuals or groups that have demonstrated extraordinary achievement and commitment to promoting and practicing diversity and inclusion at Rutgers University and/or in partnership with the broader community.

Howard McGary (with Mercedes Diaz), Professor of Philosophy, in recognition for over 40 years as a distinguished leader and scholar inspiring and educating students of color to study and teach philosophy, and for 23 years as founding director of the national award winning Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy.

ME19CACP Awards51 sq
ME19CACP Awards52 sq


Abril Jiménez (with Marcy Schwartz), Ph.D. Candidate, Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition Program, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, in recognition for distinguished leadership in advancing the benefits of heritage languages and bilingualism in "RU Bilingual" a chapter of Bilingual Matters and her commitment to community engagement.

The Rutgers College Class of 1971 Presidential Public Service Award honors members of the faculty, student body, or staff for volunteer service to government, professional and scholarly organizations, or the public. 

ME19CACP Awards26

James C. Savage, 1971 Alumnus Chair, and Claude E. White, Class of 1971 President, of The Paul Robeson Plaza Project and participating members of the Rutgers Class of 1971 45th Milestone Campaign Committee to mark the 100th anniversary of Paul Robeson’s graduation from Rutgers College in 1919. In recognition for exceptional achievement in envisioning and bringing to fruition The Paul Robeson Plaza Project commemorating the life and legacy of Paul Robeson, Rutgers alumnus, Class of 1919.


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