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2015 Rutgers President's Awards

Faculty Honored for Teaching, Research, Service, and Diversity Initiatives

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Members of the university community who have made outstanding contributions in the classroom, to their disciplines, or for the benefit of the community or world were honored May 5, 2015 during a reception at the Rutgers Visitor Center hosted by President Robert L. Barchi.

See below all the awards earned by Arts and Sciences.


The Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research honors faculty members who have made distinguished research contributions to their discipline or society. 

Thomas Rudel Trustees Research Award 2015

Thomas Rudel, Department of Sociology, was cited for work in environmental sociology, particularly research on tropical deforestation and reforestation.

Norman Swanson, Department of Economics, was honored for his theoretical and applied contributions in econometrics, including time series econometrics and forecasting (Not pictured).


The Rutgers Faculty Scholar-Teacher Award honors faculty members who have made outstanding contributions in research and teaching. The award recognizes those who bring together scholarly and classroom activities. 

Trustees Teacher Award 2015 Group photo

Seth D. Koven, Department of History, was honored for his award-winning research on the history of ethics, and for inspiring his students to take risks and explore challenging topics.

Carolyn M. Moehling, Department of Economics, was recognized for her influential American economic history research and her ability to teach students how economists think and characterize issues related to social inequality.

Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and Program in Comparative Literature, was recognized for his transformative redefinition of Latino and Ethnic Studies and his ability to challenge students to question accepted doctrine to develop their own voices.


The Rutgers Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence honors faculty members who have recently been promoted with tenure and whose work shows exceptional promise. 

Trustees Scholarly Award 2015 Group PhotoUlla D. Berg, Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and Department of Anthropology, was honored for her highly regarded cross-disciplinary research on critical issues related to contemporary migration, ethnicity, and race, particularly her substantial and original contributions to a more nuanced understanding of the recent exodus from Peru to the United States.

Joanna L. Kempner, Department of Sociology, was honored for her innovative research on the social and cultural construction of illness, particularly her exploration of the gendering of illnesses such as migraine and cluster headaches.

David Chen Yu Shih, Department of Physics and Astronomy, was honored for contributing to the formal and phenomenological aspects of High Energy Theoretical Physics and his work on theories of supersymmetry breaking and mediation.

Weijie Song, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, was honored for publishing works in English and Chinese that have contributed to film studies, popular culture, diaspora studies, and cross-cultural and literary studies.

Elizabeth B. Torres, Department of Psychology, was recognized for contributing to the understanding of the neural control of movement and the relationship between the motor and cognitive phenomena.

Emily S. Van Buskirk, Department of Germanic, Russian and Eastern European Languages and Literature, was honored for her work in Slavic literary studies which has transformed the understanding of the life and times of Russian writer Lydia Ginzburg.


The Presidential Fellowship for Teaching Excellence honors newly tenured faculty members for outstanding teaching and scholarly work. 

presidential fellowship for teaching excellence 2015

Emily Allen-Hornblower, Department of Classics, was recognized for her passionate dedication to teaching and mentoring, and her skillful guidance of class discussions, which allows to discover for themselves how to find the answers to important questions.

Weijie Song, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, was recognized for his passionate and enthusiastic teaching and for fostering critical thinking, independent reflection and group interactions among his students.



The Rutgers College Class of 1962 Presidential Public Service Award honors members of the faculty, student body, or staff for volunteer service to government, professional and scholarly organizations, or the public. 

Presidential Public Service Award 2015 Anne Piehl

Anne Morrison Piehl, Department of Economics and Program in Criminal Justice, was honored for her work on state commissions to improve the criminal justice system by reforming corrections policies and criminal sentencing, expanding special drug courts to increase treatment opportunities and reduce prison time, and for her national leadership on the pressing issue of increased incarceration in the United States. Piehl also was recognized for her key role in the Boston "Operation Ceasefire" project, working closely with the police department to strategize how to reduce violent crime and provide needed data to help police departments make changes to improve residents' lives in their communities.





See the full list of Rutgers universitywide awardees.

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