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Scarlet Speakers In the Heart of Your Home

Lunar science at Rutgers University and NASA Johnson Space Center: connecting the past, present, and future through Apollo samples

Juliane Gross, PhD, Deputy Curator for Apollo samples at NASA, Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Science

 Please join us virtually on Thursday, April, 23, 2020, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.


KD17 Planet Mars 1645 webCurrently Deputy Curator for Apollo Samples at NASA Johnson Space Center, Rutgers Professor Gross researches the formation of planetary bodies such as the Moon, Mars, and asteroids by studying the mineralogy and geochemistry of planetary samples returned by missions or delivered as meteorites. At NASA, she helps to preserve and distribute samples from the Moon for scientific studies. One of the three women who opened Apollo Samples in 2019 for NASA's Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis (ANGSA) program, she currently leads efforts on the ANGSA preliminary examination.







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