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The arts and sciences are the FOUNDATION of all great research universities.

At Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the School of Arts and Sciences is this foundation, fostering dialogue across disciplines, engagement with local and global communities, and innovation in education and research.

As the largest school at Rutgers, SAS educates over 20,000 students annually. By supporting this dynamic institution, you are ensuring Rutgers' ability to maintain excellence, innovation, and that the intellectual core of the university remains strong.

To learn more about the three areas of greatest need and other exciting giving opportunities, please contact the School of Arts and Sciences Development Office at development@sas.rutgers.edu.

SAS Academic Excellence Fund

The academic excellence Fund supports the School of Arts and Sciences in meeting its emerging needs and challenges. Gifts to this fund support the school in any capacity needed.

Donate to the SAS Academic Excellence Fund

SAS Scholarship Fund

The SAS Scholarship Fund empowers the next generation of students to focus on their education by relieving them of the financial stress weighing many of them down. 

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Dean’s Emergency Fund

The Dean’s Emergency Assistance Fund provides the necessary support to students who are facing a financial crisis after exhausting all other means of financial aid. The fund provides relief when unexpected life events, such as the loss of a parent or unemployment, come their way. One-time grants from the fund cover any remaining expenses, such as term-bill balances, book & housing fees, and much more.

Donate to the Dean’s Emergency Fund