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Q1. How do I explain to students why they were placed in this Gateway course?

Inform them that their test results indicated need for enrichment in Math and/or Writing.  Students with questions should contact the Gateway Program Contact Person at their school.

Q2.  What should I do when students fail the first test or when their performance makes it impossible for them to get a good grade in the course?

Immediately contact the Office of Academic Services to speak with a student academic advising dean.

Q3.  What should I do when a student indicates severe depression or suicidal tendencies?

Immediately contact the appropriate Personal Counseling Office, or the Office of Academic Services for guidance.

Q4.  How do I handle incidents of possible cheating?

Immediately contact the Gateway Program Director or the undergraduate director for your academic department.

Q5.  A student athlete misses classes and does not complete assignments on time. Who I contact?

Contact the appropriate Athletics Office of Academic Support Services.

Q6.  A student asks for extended time for tests saying that she/he has a disability but does not have any documentation from the College dean. What should I do?

Contact the Office of Disability Services for more information.

 Q7.  Some of my students need additional academic support with class content or writing. Whom should I contact?

Contact the Math & Science Learning Center, the Writing Centers, or the Rutgers Learning Centers.

Gateway Program - an introduction for faculty & staff ( document PowerPoint (1.52 MB) | pdf PDF (1.73 MB) )

Gateway - student introduction (Powerpoint | PDF)

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