Having Your Grades Sent Via E-mail

A new feature has been added to the SAS Gradebook that allows you to specify an email address to which your grades will be sent. You can also pick between two message formats, standard or text message. The text message format is optimized for sending to cellular telephones via SMS.

E-mails will be sent only to users that specifically sign up for the service and the list of users will be cleared after each semester so users will have to re- signup at the beginning of every semester.

Privacy rules typically prohibit sending grades or other confidential information through unsecured e-mail. By signing up for this service you are giving permission for your grades to be transferred using unencrypted e-mail and accept responsibility for any breach of security that may occur as a result of this information being included in said e-mails.

If you agree to these terms click on the 'I agree' link below. If not, either close the browser window or click on the 'Return to the SAS Gradebook Link'.

I agree to the above terms

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